nowMap: Full A4 Templates

Latest Update: I’ve attached the original OpenOffice Draw files to the bottom of the page now, too, so people can modify these for different paper sizes and such like.

This is a template for nowMaps - quick visual overviews of what’s on your mind. To find out what a nowMap is, and how to use the main section of this form, see the nowMap Introduction, which also lists other nowMap templates available.

This Form

nowMap Template - Full A4 Squared

(This is just a pic to let you see what the form looks like - keep scrolling for the PDF file if you want to print one out to use it. If you’re really stuck, and can’t use the PDF, click the picture, then click on “view original”, then right click the picture and save it - it’ll look pretty poor printed, but it should work ok.)

This is probably the one most of you will want - a full A4 sized nowMap, with no trimmings.

There are two versions - one where the main nowMap area is plain, and one where it’s squared. Pick whichever you prefer - plain for the free-form free spirit in you, squared to let your inner geek shine.

The PDF Download

Should be below, along with the OpenOffice Draw (.odg) files…

AttachmentSize A4 Full Plain.odg8.94 KB A4 Full Squared.odg10.11 KB A4 Full Squared.pdf50.02 KB A4 Full Plain.pdf38.74 KB
nowMap: Full A4 Templates