Another new WP theme

I went to, looking for something clean and minimal, and so am trying out the Barthelme template. I figured out that one reason I wasn't posting more often was that I didn't think the Chameleon look was really "my blog" (though I did like the two small administrivia columns to the right of the main column). Another was that I was busy getting work done and so chose not to blog.

Another was that I really needed a better tool than Scribefire, which, though it worked fine, just didn't click with me.  I'm looking at some offline tools or -- I think there's a way to use email to post, which I would prefer to do.

Another is that managing this site is still a little scary for me, though I can't imagine why, so I usually stay away until I think I have enough time to mess with it. I think more regular visits will make me less shy of logging in.