Proustian advice for students

My friend Stefan Hagemann has observed that so many students on a college campus seem to be elsewhere. As I walk around my university’s campus, I understand what he means: phone conversations, text-messaging, and iPod management can take precedence over attention to one’s surroundings. Even without the distractions of a gadget, the sidewalks and quads of a campus sometimes turn into nothing more than empty yardage to be traversed, as quickly as possible, on the way from one class to the next.
That’s the start of a post I’ve written for Lifehack with some Proustian advice for students: N’allez pas trop vite. Don’t go too fast. Therein, five ways to slow down and pay attention to one’s campus present and campus past:
Advice for students: N’allez pas trop vite (Lifehack)
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Proustian advice for students