The Kalender of Shepherds Miscellany

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Anatomical Man with the Planets

The Wheel of the Occupations of the Months and the Zodiac

A group of shepherds

Sherperde looking at night skye

Occupation of the months - feasting - January

Labours of the Months - Treading the Grapes - October

Tables for Eclipses of Sun and Moon

Sculptor and Painter (emblem of Mercury)

Human Life as a Sea Voyage

Souls Chained to a Wheel

Souls Fed Toads

Feeding Toads closeup

Souls Chained and Tormented in Hell

Four Monsters

Souls Tormented by Serpents
Draco Souls Tormented by Serpents Text

Call to repentance by a horner

Thus endeth the Shephardes kalendere,
Drawne into English to Gods’ reuerence:
And for profite and pleasure shalle Clearkes to here,
Plainly shewed their intelligence,
Our is done, now readers do your diligence,
And remember that the Printer saieth to you this,
He that liueth well may…

The Kalender of Shepherds Miscellany