While crossing campus this morning

Very few people walking about, but I noticed a few folks standing at the base of the flagpole near the quad. Before today, I could not have told you that a flagpole stood there. I looked up and saw the flag at half-mast. And then, of course, it clicked. I walked on a bit to where I could see the full length of the pole against the sky and stopped and just looked at it, looked at the people under it -- probably waiting for a ceremony to start in a few minutes time -- and looked back at it again. I stood there for a minute or two, just looking and remembering where I was, imagining what those last terrible minutes must have been like for those thousands of people.

I'm not a flag-waver, by any means, but I thought that was the most eloquent statement that could be made and that I would hear regarding the anniversary of the event all day. Remembrance is best done in silence, in solitary.