(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page.)

I work full-time in Durham, NC, as a contract software technical writer for a federal agency.

This Blog

My blog serves as logbook, diary, open-research notebook, and curated ephemera. Posting irregularly. I consolidated and imported 1,900+ posts from various platforms into the platform and successfully pointed my domain to it. I’m using MarsEdit to leisurely update or delete older posts.

Bull City Commons

As members of a cohousing community called Bull City Commons, we are both serving on circles (ie, committees), doing BCC homework, attending about 4-5 meetings a month, and holding positions of various responsibilities within the community. I’m currently serving as secretary for the Social sub-circle, writing the monthly email newsletter, updating the BCC Facebook page, and various other marketing duties.

The Three Principles

The Three Principles is an understanding of spiritual psychology that explains how I make up the world in my head – which is in effect the world I interact with every day. I grow into understanding a little bit at a time by reading, podcast listening, and experimenting. I also work with a coach occasionally who reorients me in my reality.

Physical Health

I’m working out with my kettlebells twice a week, doing a simple calisthenics regimen, and trying to walk 6500 steps daily about 5x/week.


  • Reading. COMICS: Die by Gillen and Hans. Cemetery Beach by Ellis and Howard. Sandman Mystery Theatre by Wagner, Seagle, and (preferably) Davis, among others. FICTION: Outside the Gates of Eden by Lewis Shiner. MEMOIR: The bedtime book I read to Liz before lights out: we need to find a new one!
  • Watching. Current dinner-time TV: Pen15 s2, Bob’s Burgers, Queen’s Gambit, Dickinson, Enlightened, Mr. Mayor. Last movie watched; Days of Bagnold Summer.
  • Listening. Podcasts via Castro. Occasional Doctor Who podcasts and occasional Youtube videos sideloaded via Huffduffer, and other audio files I’ve collected over the years. Also miscellaneous stuff from Books (macOS) and Audible.
  • Researching. Mailchimp vs Squarespace email list, alternatives to Legacy Evernote as I don’t want to upgrade to v10, what to do with the stuff we’re downsizing.