(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page.)

I work full-time in Durham, NC, as a contract software technical writer for a federal agency.

This Blog

My blog serves as logbook, diary, open-research notebook, and curated ephemera. Posting irregularly. I consolidated and imported 1,900+ posts from various platforms into the platform and successfully pointed my domain to it. I’m using MarsEdit to leisurely update or delete older posts.

Bull City Commons

As members of a cohousing community called Bull City Commons, we are both serving on circles (ie, committees), doing BCC homework, attending about 4-5 meetings a month, and holding positions of various responsibilities within the community. I’m currently serving as secretary for the Social sub-circle, writing the monthly email newsletter, updating the BCC Facebook page, and various other marketing duties.

The Three Principles

The Three Principles is an understanding of spiritual psychology that explains how I make up the world in my head – which is in effect the world I interact with every day. I grow into understanding a little bit at a time by reading, podcast listening, and experimenting. I also work with a coach occasionally who reorients me in my reality.


I write and publish an email newsletter on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. I also write occasional blog posts for my website on Squarespace (where this blog used to be housed).

Physical Health

I’m working out with my kettlebells twice a week, doing a simple calisthenics regimen that I’ll write up sometime, and trying to walk 6500 steps (a little over 3 miles) about 5x/week.


  • Reading. COMICS: The Complete Peanuts Vol. 8: 1965-1966, Trees: Three Fates by Ellis and Howard. Sandman Mystery Theatre by Wagner, Seagle, and (preferably) Davis. FICTION: Outside the Gates of Eden by Lewis Shiner. MEMOIR: The bedtime book I read to Liz before lights out: Life With Father by Clarence Day. After Liz goes to bed, I am reading I Married the Klondike by Laura Beatrice Berton.
  • Watching. Doctor Who s12. Current dinner-time TV: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel s3, The Crown s3, Derry Girls s1, The Bob Newhart Show s4.
  • Listening. Podcasts recapping Doctor Who s12. Lots of ambient music podcasts and a metric assload of ambient music bought cheaply off of Bandcamp, which is a national treasure.
  • Researching. Goovi robovac, Mailchimp, Roku stick vs Amazon Fire Stick