Kindle Touch screensavers

The Kindle Touch (non-ad supported) comes with 20 attractive gray-scale screensaver/wallpaper images.

They're fine, but after a while, I wanted to see some different images. One of the reasons I got the ad-free Touch was so that I wouldn't be assaulted with an ad every time I picked up my Kindle to read something. I returned the ad-supported Kindle 3 because -- among other reasons --  although I can take ads in magazines, I didn't want to see them in a book -- not even an e-book.

The web is full of Kindle-supported screensaver images that I would have preferred to see on my device, but Amazon doesn't allow me to customize the Kindle in even that harmless way. And this annoyed me.

So I took matters into my own hands, did a bit of hacking on my Kindle over the weekend, and now I have a pool of about 200 attractive, varied, and unusual images I can use as screensavers on my Kindle, as the following gallery shows. Tomorrow, a post on how I did it. nancy drew book cover 58f6b kindle32 1984 book cover gustave dore etching silhouette leaves and fronds eye over the pyramid etching keep calm and read on ernst etching moody farm and trees woodcut pic lightning sentinels the painter - odd etching odd slavic kindle screensaver illuminated letter infocom hitchhikers package cover bookshelves crowded bookplate image deserted ruined library imposing library shelves rich mans reading spot the mysterious mr quin first edition cover 1930 thrilling cities book cover title page william shakespeare s first folio 1623 cover of sweeney todd penny dreadful carceri vii

Michael E Brown @brownstudy