The Old Adventures of Superman

Apart from Stevereads and the Ihnatko Alamanac have to say on the matter, I have paid no attention to the DC Comics reboot of its entire line of superhero comics. So when I see references to it in the mainstream press, I pay a little more attention.

The Golden Age Lois Lane and Superman, from th...

The latest news is that Superman and Wonder Woman are now going to be the ultimate power couple. (The Guardian article has good links to related sites if you want more info.)

Writing Lois Lane out of Superman's romantic mythology just seems ... weird. Like setting Tarzan in Alaska. How can you turn your back on over 75 years of all that history? I'm sure they'll bring Lois back in somehow, and this lets the new writers cut loose on creating some new mythologies, but still ... There's something mysterious and seductive about an alien humanoid with godlike powers falling in love with an aboriginal female of a primitive species. Call me an old curmudgeon who hates change.

That said -- today's classic reading on the topic is Larry Niven's hilarious essay, "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex," and that title tells you everything you need to know. The gross-out implications almost write themselves, don't they? Sit back, relax, and prepare to snort into your morning coffee.

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