I install a consistent set of bookmarklets across all the browsers I use at work and home. (Except for iOS; haven’t figured out how to install them in Safari.)

The most useful one on a daily basis is for Google Site Search. From the Bookmarks bar, click the bookmarklet – I’ve renamed mine to “GSS” to save space – and then enter a search term. The bookmarklet fires off a Google search for that term on the site you’re browsing.

You could do the same thing by entering in Google “ batman,” for example, but simply clicking ”GSS" while I’m at the site is quicker and more useful.

Scroll down this page of Google bookmarklets for the Google Site Search Bookmarklet. Drag it to your bookmarks folder or, preferably, the Links or Bookmarks bar.

You will thank me later.

Update: Dang it! I didn't use the site search on my own blog. If I had, I would have discovered this 2012 post on the same topic