Diarizing Update

Of the three diarizing methods I have been experimenting with:

  • I only occasionally take a 1-Second Everyday video. Most of my days are spent at a boring cubicle or my home office. If I take a video, it's when we're out and about on the weekends. Even then, we tend to go to the same places (like the Carolina Theatre), so I don't bother.
  • I update the 5-year diary definitely every weekend, sometimes on weekdays depending on if anything interesting happened (see previous paragraph). I use a FollowUpThen reminder email at 9pm every night to remind me to do this.
  • I have not missed a day of blogging since I started on December 25, 2017. I have made daily writing and publishing a priority and experience no inner conflict about that decision. No big deal. This is just what I do.
Michael E Brown @brownstudy