Lenten learnings and Eastertide challenge

For Lent, I gave up listening to podcasts and adopted Mark Forster's Fast FVP at work

Fast FVP worked great and accommodated a couple of enormous changes that occurred to me at my workplace. 

A pile o' podcasts also silted up such that I could spend the next 50 days listening to them all. But I did get back to listening to audiobooks and other long-form items and webinar recordings I'd put off for "later."

Accd to the calendar I'm referencing, Eastertide runs from April 1-May 20. So here's what I'd like to do:

  • Continue using Fast FVP at work
  • Use the Next Hour (or other No-List system) at home
  • Interleave one audiobook a week with my podcasts. I usually listen to these things when I'm commuting or doing the dishes, so I can get through an 8hr audiobook in about 7-10 days. So maybe alternating weeks of audiobook and podcasts. We'll see.


Michael E Brown @brownstudy