The Symphonies of the Planets | Daniel Karo

The Symphonies of the Planets | Daniel Karo:

While on their missions Voyager 1 and 2 recorded the electromagnetic vibrations of the planets and moons of our solar system.  Even though space is a virtual vacuum it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t sound in space.  Although you can’t hear sound in space sound still exists as electronic vibrations.  The scientific instruments on the spacecraft ran experiments to record these vibrations and send them back to Earth through the Deep Space Network.  All of these recordings had vibrations within the human range of hearing and were put together in a five track album by NASA entitles Symphonies of the Planets.  Each track is around 30 minutes long and consists of recordings from the Voyager spacecrafts. Each recording is the sounds from a different planet or moon.  The sounds in the recordings come from a few different sound environments.  Here is a list of them from NASA.

Found via the BandCamp article “Lost in Space Music: Records That Explore the Outer Limits

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