Using ChatGPT to refactor a web site's manu structure

I used ChatGPT last weekend to help us revise the menu structures on our coho’s internal web site. I wrote out a detailed prompt, and then entered every page title on its own line, about 35-45 in total. In my prompt, I told ChatGPT to merge page topics, to rephrase them so they make sense to a less-technical audience, and to provide three examples of hierarchical menu structures, with at least one restricted to two levels.

We were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Some of the AI’s groupings didn’t make sense, but many of them did. Using ChatGPT kept us from having to spend hours and hours on this exercise. Editing the AI’s work, recognizing what was good and what needed rethinking or special considerations, was much easier than doing it all ourselves.

We’re busy with other coho duties and our $dayjobs; I’m all for using a tool that gets us to the finish line quicker with less pain.

Michael E Brown @brownstudy