The Grand Master

“He has covered with his never-flagging pencil enough
charta pura (white paper) to placard the whole walls of China,
and etched as much copper as would sheathe the British Navy.”

A New Map of India from the Latest Authority p9 by Thomas Rowlandson

The Grand Master

Stuff and nonsense

I just posted this to my UI design class discussion board:

Awe-inspiring info design…though the current menu is now only 6 pages :(

“Two years ago, Calvin Trillin wrote an article for the New Yorker about Shopsin’s, an eccentric eatery in the West Village with about 9 billion menu items… Shopsin’s has moved to another Village location since the article came out, but they’ve still got that big old menu. If you dare, feast your eyes on a tour de force of outsider information design, all 11 pages of the Shopsin’s General Store menu…”

via xblog

This link, however, will NEVER find its way to Blackboard (turn the volume up REAL LOUD):